Cafe Barista


   Cafe Barista brewers are available exclusively from Modern Coffee Sales and offer four distinct advantages over glass pot systems.

1.) The Cafe Barista brews into an insulated thermal server rather than a glass pot.  The coffee does not "cook" on the hot plate thereby eliminating the waste associated with "burned" coffee and providing consistently delicious coffee all day long, even late in the afternoon.

2.) The Cafe Barista brews coffee at the precise temperature required for maximum flavor extraction from the coffee grounds due to the computer controlled system.  The computer regulates the water temperature and will not allow the brew cycle to begin until the water in the machine reaches the optimum temperature.

3.) The Cafe Barista brews 15 cups per batch rather than the usual 10 to 12; thus saving you time spent brewing coffee.

4.) Cafe Barista servers go everywhere without requiring warmers or electricity and retain all of the coffee aroma and flavor, serving conferences and meetings much more conveniently.

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